Web Hosting

We have three types of packages

  • Web Hosting – We have decided on a one size fits all model. Simply choose how much space you need and pay for it. Every thing else is included at no extra charge. This includes:
    • Control Panel Access
    • Email accounts – As many as you need
    • MYSQL Databases – As many as you need
    • Fantastico Installer – Lots of software installation scripts
    • FTP Accounts – As many as you need
    • Mailing Lists – as many as you need
  • Blog Hosting – Blogs are also a one size fits all model. Just choose how much space you need for storage, and pay for it. With your blog you have:
    • Admin Access to the blog
    • One Admin Email account
    • Lot’s of templates to choose from
    • Add all the plug-ins you want
  • E-mail Hosting – Have your email delivered to your own family name or domain of your choice. The number of email addresses on your account is not limited, just choose how much storage space you need and every one in the family gets their own address.

Price List

Storage (gig) Bandwidth (gig) Hosting Blogging E-mail
1 5 $80 $40 $30
2 10 $128 $70 $40
5 50 $176 $110 $60
10 100 $224 $130 $80
20 200 $320 $160 $100

All prices are on an annual basis. There is no additional monthly fee.

We are all about customer service so send and email to todd@trsoftwaresolutions.com and we with walk you through the process of getting your account set up.