My Secure Backup - Cloud Files (1)

What is the My Secure Backup host name

To make the desktop folder connection or to view your files on line us the address of trss.mysecurebackup.net If you …

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Control Panel (cPanel) (1)

How do I access my web site Control Panel (cPanel)

To access your cPanel controls, log-in to your web site at: http://mydomain.com/cpanel You will be asked for your username and …

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Email (2)

How do I access my Web-mail

To access your web-mail use the following link. www.yourdomain.com/webmail Your user name is your full email address The password is …

What are the IMAP settings for my email?

Incoming Server: rcenteral521.webserversystems.com:993 Outgoing Server: rcenteral521.webserversystems.com:465

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Avast (1)

How do I install my Avast License File

Click on the Arrow head in the system tray, then right click on the Avast logo         …

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