Cloud Storage

TR Software Solutions has now dived into the cloud and is pleased to offer Cloud Storage to you. With Cloud storage you can store and share documents, video, music and other files. Cloud storage is not a backup tool. Cloud storage is keeping your files in the cloud and being able to access them anywhere that you have an internet connection.

With our cloud storage it works just like a local drive on your computer.

The Network Drive gives you a secure place to store and share files as if they were already on your computer.


Access files from any computer. The easy to use web interface makes it easy and convenient to access and sync your files from any computer, anywhere.


For a quick introduction please watch this short video: Cloud storage.

Please note that at TR software Solutions we are advertizing this software as a Cloud Storage and Synchronizing application. Although it is capable of being used as a data back up tool, we recommend using Carbonite for your backup solution.

At TR Software Solutions we are offering 10 Gigabytes of Cloud Storage for only $7 per month. If you go beyond 10 we have a tiered structured scale. The more space you need, the cheaper it is.

Storage Space Cost per month
10 gig $7.00
20 gig $13.00
30 gig $18.00
40 gig $22.00
50 gig $25.00