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AntivirusCloudCare Antivirus

Award-winning Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus software to ensure all devices, data, and employees are protected.

Complete threat protection for data, devices, and people

Maintain centralized control

Our managed antivirus service gives you a centralized view of your IT assets and prevents users from shutting off or uninstalling their antivirus software to ensure continuous, up‑to‑date protection.

Get multi-layered protection

Avast Business managed antivirus provides all-in-one protection that keeps users and connected devices – within the network or on public networks – safe from sophisticated online threats.

Defeat known and unknown threats

Our worldwide network of sensors analyzes and neutralizes the latest threats before they can put your business in danger. When a threat is identified on one device, we immediately push out updates to our entire network, helping us prevent more than 1.5 billion malware attacks per month.

Pricing is:

  • One Year – $32.00
  • Two Years – $58.00
  • Three Years – $65.00

Secure Web GatewaySecure Web Gateway

Block access to bad websites, downloads, and locations to prevent attacks from harming your network or stealing any data.

Advanced, Cloud-Based Web Protection

Point your DNS requests to us and free yourself from the complexity and overhead of traditional proxy servers and on-premise appliances.

Provided in partnership with the Zscaler threat network, Secure Web Gateway blocks access to malicious sites using advanced, layered technologies and deep content inspection.

Annual cost is:

  • 1 year – $33.00
  • 2 years – $60.00
  • 3 years – $82.50


Online BackupCloudCare Online Backup

Avoid costly downtime with a range of backup and recovery solutions that protect files, applications, servers, and more.

Protect your data

Back up workstation files and folders  to ensure all your data is secured.

Centrally monitor and manage

Set backup and recovery policies, receive alerts on backup failures, and monitor all endpoints and sites under management.

Recover quickly

If disaster strikes, simply recover data from either the cloud or onsite backup and restore to the new designated location.

Pricing is:

$76.00 per year / per 25GB

CloudCare Anti-Spam

Cost is $14.00 per year

Content FilteringCloudCare Content Filtering

Block access to malicious websites to keep employees safe and productive during their working hours.


Annual cost is:

$22.00 per year

Secure Internet Gateway

Provide reliable, advanced protection against web and internet threats across all devices and locations.

Annual cost is:

$80.00 per year

Patch ManagementCloudCare Patch Management

Automatically scan your devices to find vulnerabilities and deploy patches for thousands of Windows and 3rd-party applications


Annual cost is:

$33.00 per year